Branch 2015 AGM Documents

Posted on 21st September 2015 by Ann Hazard | Secretary

The branch AGM will take place on 29th November 2015 at 3.00pm and will be held at:

Bellsquary Hall
EH54 9AA

Please find attached the files for the AGM pack including Cover Letter, Affiliation Fees 2015, Agenda and Elections. You can also read the minutes from the 2014 AGM.

May I also remind you that the Branch meetings are your chance to air your views, the elected committee are there to serve the bands it is up to you to attend meetings and let us know what you want.

The first Branch meeting of the season follows the AGM and will start at 5pm and will usually finish by 6pm.

Branch Champion of Champions Final Tables

Posted on 13th September 2015 by John Hughes | Chairman

After the completion of all branch contests the final champion of champions spreadsheet has been updated. Please remember that branch champions are the drum major, band and drum corps in each grade with the highest points total from the best 5 contests they participate in.

Click here to download the Excel file.

Edinburgh Contest Drum Majors Time Change

Posted on 20th August 2015 by John Hughes | Chairman

Please note the following time change for the Drum Majors event at the Edinburgh Contest on Saturday 22nd August.

In order to allow the Drum Majors to attend a funeral the Dress has been moved to 13:30

Outdoor Season Registration Checks

Posted on 12th May 2015 by John Hughes | Chairman

As intimated at the RSPBA AGM, the practice of checking band registrations at both Major and minor contests will continue this season.

Random sample checks were carried out at Kinross on Saturday and will be again at Dunbar this coming Saturday.

The feedback from the bands was very positive and seen as a way of ensuring their information was up to date prior to the first Major of the season.

So please ensure your registrations are up to date and that you carry a copy with you

Branch Indoor Feedback Requested

Posted on 30th April 2015 by John Hughes | Chairman

Following another very successful Branch Indoor contest on Saturday 28th March 2015 at The James Young High School in Livingston, I would like to thank all the stewards, compilers, adjudicators, branch committee, and all the catering and facilities staff at the school for all their help and support. And thanks to all the bands, competitors, and supporters for their continued support of this event.

This year we had well over 200 solo competitors and of the 20 bands entered, 16 played on the day.

This year we tried out the full band format as opposed to the mini-band format at the event, following requests from a number of bands for a full band event in the Branch.

We had quite a bit of feedback on the day around the full band v mini-band question. From the Novice and Juvenile bands there was 100% support for the full band format as it allows all of the young people who are ready for competition to have a run out with the band, rather than having to select only a few players.

However from the Grade 4 and Grade 3 band who attended, they favoured a return to the mini-band format. As we didn't have any Grade 2 or Grade 1 representation at the event, I'd be keen to hear their thoughts on which format works best for them.

So I'd be keen to get feedback from all of the Branch Bands on their thoughts for this event going forward.

At this point the Branch Committee are proposing to keep the full band format for the Novice and Juvenile grades, and the mini-band format for Grade 4 and Grade 3 for next year. The Grade 2 and Grade 1 format remains undecided until we get some feedback from the Branch bands in those grades.

Please feel free to come along to the Branch Meeting or provide some feedback through our Facebook page.

The final Branch meeting before the start of the season is on Sunday 26th April at 6pm in the Bellsquarry Community Hall.

Indoor Solo's And Full Band Results

Posted on 29th April 2015 by John Hughes | Chairman

The branch held their 2015 Solo Piping and Drumming events on Saturday 28th March at James Young High School in Livingston. For the first time the branch included a full band contest instead of a mini band contest.

With well over 200 Solo Performances and 16 full bands it was a busy day for everyone.

The summaries from the full band events are available here. There were 15 Solo Piping and Drumming Events, the top 3 places in each event went as follows:

Event 1 - Solo Chanter 10 Years & Under
1st Evan Hawkins - George Watson's College
2nd Cailean Campbell - Stow Scottish Borders
3rd Ewan Allan - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia

Event 2 - Solo Chanter 11 Years & Over
1st Evan Maciver - Peebles Ex-Servicemen's
2nd Jack Forbes - West Lothian Schools
3rd Alasdair Gemmell - Peebles Ex-Servicemen's

Event 3 - Solo Piping 14 Years & Under
1st Paul Christie - George Heriot's School
2nd Brodie Watson-Massey - George Heriot's School
3rd Erin Ritchiel - Preston Lodge High School

Event 4 - Junior Solo Piping 14 Years & Under
1st Lewis Russell - West Lothian Schools
2nd Ben Miller - West Lothian Schools
3rd Greig Will - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia

Event 5 - Solo Piping 15 - 18 Years
1st Alistair Hutcheon - George Watson's College
2nd Robert Kay - George Heriot's School
3rd Scott Young - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia

Event 6 - Solo Piping 18 Years & Over
1st Ciaren Ross - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia
2nd Emma Buchan - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia
3rd Greg Wilson - Simon Fraser University

Event 7 - Stick & Pad 10 Years & Under
1st James Thomson - Peebles Ex-Servicemen's
2nd Varun Ravikumar - George Heriot's Schools
3rd Megan Porteous - Davidson's Mains & District

Event 8 - Stick & Pad 11 Years & Over
1st Alexander Levi - George Watson's College
2nd Louis O'Brien - Davidson's Mains & District
3rd Sam Brown - Davidson's Mains & District

Event 9 - Snare Drum 14 Years & Under March
1st Struan Wallis - George Heriot's School
2nd Rachel Fairley - George Heriot's School
3rd Aaron Hall - Preston Lodge High School

Event 10 - Snare Drum 14 Years & Under MSR
1st James Strachan - George Watson's College
2nd Rachel Thom - West Lothian Schools
3rd Shawnisay Millar - Craigmount Caledonia

Event 11 - Snare Drum 15 - 18 Years MSR
1st Louis Bendle - George Watson's College
2nd Blair Logan - Preston Lodge High School
3rd Craig Baxter - Police Scotland Fife

Event 12 - Snare Drum Adult MSR
1st Gavin Orr - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia
2nd John Henderson - Scottish Power
3rd Lorna Heggie - Torphichen & Bathgate

Event 13 - Tenor Drum 14 Years & Under March
1st Lucy Carroll - West Lothian Schools
2nd Rachel MacMillan - George Watson's College
3rd Jamie Easton - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia

Event 14 - Tenor Drum 15 - 18 Year MSR
1st Lauran Thomson - Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia
2nd Cameron Anderson - George Watson's College
3rd Morven Walker - Prestonpans RBL

Event 15 - Tenor Drum Adult
1st Shannon Brown - Denny and Dunipace Gleneagles
2nd Alan Townsend - Denny and Dunipace Gleneagles
3rd Michael Rutherford - Prestonpans RBL

Melrose cancelled for 2015

Posted on 29th April 2015 by John Hughes | Chairman

We regret to announce that the Melrose competition scheduled for 1st August 2015 has now been cancelled.

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